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Livlife Kids

Gifts range from £5 to £500, or you can make a general donation of any amount to go towards the daily running of the Centre.

The Gift of Good Grub! Your £5 will make sure a child in Kindergarten has a nutritious meal of porridge everyday for a month.

Gifts for £10

The Gift of Power! Your £10 will buy 10 litres of petrol to keep the generator at the Centre going (and power the computer lab!) during the frequent power cuts.

Gifts for £25

The Gift of Water! Your £25 will provide the Centre with water and help to pay the water bill.

Gifts for £50

The Gift of Creativity! Your £50 will provide students on the Tailoring Course with vital materials to learn and create with, and give them skills to support their futures.

The Gift of Happy Tummies! Your £50 will keep the bellies of 30 children in Kindergarten full for a whole month with a meal of delicious porridge each day.

Gifts for £100

The Gift of A Step on the Ladder! Your £100 will help 10 students find work experience placements each term and get that vital first step on the ladder to securing their future.

Gifts for £250 +

The Gift of Knowledge! Your £250 will bring the gift of knowledge to 100's of people by covering the salary of a teacher for a term.

The Gift of Home Comforts Your £500 will keep a roof over the heads of our incredible teachers living on site who work above and beyond the call of duty and are always there to give a helping hand if needed.

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