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Our student stories

Introducing Naini!


Naini lives in the village at Ilkerin and went to the Livlife Centres in 2014 where she studied Computing and Business. She is a big fan of Livlife, the Centres and the free education we provide and loves to share what we do with everyone! Pre-school is especially important to her as it is a long way to any other place of learning and very few locally can pay for the transport.

She has worked hard since being at livlife to set-up her own business and has since decided to give something back and through a friend, she has donated ten sewing machines, two sewing tables and materials to help to tailoring classes to take place at the outreach centre in Ilkerin. 

We think Naini is awesome!

Introducing Doto!


Doto comes from Mwanza, over 600km away from Meserani in the East of Tanzania near Lake Victoria. He enrolled at KCEM in 2013 and studied English French and Computing. He had heard about KCEM through word of mouth and was particularly attracted by the free courses. He told us that "If it wasnt for KCEM and Livlife, I would not have received an education at all"

After graduating from his courses, he enrolled in our Work Experience Programme and subsequently spent 5 months working at a medical clinic, followed by a year’s contract with Shanga as a storekeeper, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Shanga is a socially conscious not for-profit enterprise based at Arusha Coffee Lodge, which employs people with disabilities to create handmade jewellery, glassware and homeware using recycled materials.

Doto is currently setting up a business in Arusha based on the experience he gained in Shanga.

He says that "The Centres are special places which have given me opportunities that I would not otherwise have had, it's a place where people can realise their dreams”.

In 2015 he ran in the Kilimanjaro Marathon the help raise money for KCEM; to “give something back”

Currently we can't provide as many places on our Work Experience programme as we'd like. If you're interested in supporting us, any regular donations really will help change peoples lives.

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Introducing Luciana!

Luciana Tanzania Livlife

Number two of our student stories is the wonderful Luciana! 

Luciana comes from a village in the Pare Mountains over 200km away from Meserani. She arrived in January 2015 and enrolled in Engish, Computing and French. Using the education she recieved from KCEM she now studies English and Education at the Green Bird College at Mwanga where she is studying English and Education with the aim of becoming a teacher. She started teaching practice in the field in November last year she is almost completed her Diploma in Education. Her exam results at the college were 70%, which was number 1 in her class! She told us, when she finishes her Degree she would love to come back and teach at KCEM!

Jonathon and Surani's story

To kick off, we’re introducing you to Surani and Jonathon, two of KCEM’s early students who have gone on to achieve great things, setting up a safari and tour company, Fikira Tanzania Safari and Tours.

Jonathon said, “I didn’t go to primary school but when I was 21 I went to KCEM, when it was still new. At the time, I spoke my language, Maa, but I didn’t really understand Swahili. At KCEM I took classes in Swahili, English and computing, and then I went to the Wildlife College in Arusha. I qualified as a tour guide after studying for three years, and then Surani and I got together to set up our company. I’m studying French now as it’s useful to have another language on top of English in the tourism industry.”

His friend and colleague Surani said, “I was also an early student at KCEM, and I studied English and computing. After that I went on to study for my A-Levels at school in Moshi, and then I went to university in Arusha with sponsorship. I have a degree in Economics and Finance and was working in a bank, but recently Jonathon and I started working together and set up our company. I’m in charge of the finances and I’d like to continue my education with a part-time Master’s.

None of this would have happened without KCEM and I am very proud of KCEM as it kick-started my career, and helped my whole family learn to read and write. It means so much to the people of Meserani and for miles around.”