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What we do

LivLife works in Northern Tanzania with some of the World’s most disadvantaged people, many of whom live in desperate poverty, without the chance to go to school, learn skills or find employment – many have had no education at all.

Our LivLife Centres provide people with the relevant opportunities to get themselves out of poverty, through learning and employment. These education centres are sustainable, locally-run and locally-relevant. Crucially, they are entirely free to use, giving everyone in the communities we work with the opportunity to live their life on their own terms. Over 6,000 people have made use of our centres since the first opened in 2006.

As well as providing high-quality academic and vocational education, our outreach scheme means that we're proactive in breaking down barriers to access, whilst our work experience programme helps graduating students make the next step into full-time employment.

We also know that early childhood learning is the key to a successful, life-long education. For this reason, and because the local government cannot provide it for free, we offer pre-primary learning opportunities at our kindergartens, which aim to give children the best start in life. We also support older children in our After-School Programme which is for primary aged kids who often find it hard to get the best out of school, where class sizes are huge or when families need them at home during the day.