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LivLife Blueprint

Our LivLife Centres are locally-owned, locally-run and locally-relevant. Through education they provide the vital capabilities that people need to get out of poverty. We put these Centres in carefully researched locations, and our processes ensure they are a success. They are a blueprint for poverty eradication, and this page explains why.

Belief in the community

It is the people living in poverty who understand best how to change their own situation. All our projects have been designed working alongside the people we support. As our partners, they help us develop projects that give them what they need to make a real change.

Belief in education

Education grows confidence. It creates opportunities for individuals and communities to get themselves out of poverty. LivLife exists to provide high-quality skills based and vocational education, enhanced by access to employment and business training to build the capacities of the communities we work with. This in turn empowers individuals, families and communities to identify the broadest range of educational, vocational and entrepreneurial pathways out of poverty.

Belief in our staff

We invest significant resources into training local staff in teaching, managing and developing projects. This is not only the most sustainable mode of operation, but it's also the most effective way to ensure that all our solutions come from the local community.

Belief in value for money

We believe we can provide high quality education and training at a low cost – currently it only costs £5 per month to educate one person on a course. When we build new Centres we source local materials and we build using local styles and techniques – we can build an Outreach Centre for only £1,600 or a classroom for £900 and because the communities take ownership of our centres they help maintain them and take care of them

Confident about our future

We know our projects work, we’ve seen the benefits they have on people's lives, and we know we can replicate our LivLife Centres across Tanzania and across Africa.

Our Centres offer a hand-up, not a hand-out, and that’s what the communities we work with want – to keep their pride and get themselves out of poverty.

We believe in our blueprint for poverty eradication.