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Ilkerin Outreach

Due to be opened by the end of 2011, Ilkerin will be the second Outreach Centre managed by KCEM. Located 7km into the hills behind KCEM it will offer the same courses as the Meserani Juu Outreach – Literacy and English for the adults and a Kindergarten for the youngsters.

At a village meeting, all residents of Ilkerin village, which is made up of 3 smaller villages (Parselian, Noromorou and Ilkerin Juu) who were present unanimously voted to donate some of the villages land for its construction.

Whilst the Outreach is managed centrally by KCEM, on a day to day basis it is under the watchful eye of our adult teacher Loishiye ole Sabore. One of KCEM’s first students, Loishiye went on to become our Computer and French teacher before jumping at the opportunity of having an Outreach centre in his own village. Seldom will you find someone so dedicated to improving the education of his community