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Meserani Centre

Kituo cha Elimu Meserani, Tanzania

The Centre (as it is affectionately known in Meserani, and there's a song called 'Centre Centre' to boot) was founded in 2005 after the local Maasai asked the LivLife founders, Sam and Max, for their help. Since it opened, over 2,600 students, from over 76 different ethnic tribes have studied at the Centre.

The Centre now provides courses in English, French, Computing, Tailoring, Literacy and Numeracy, in addition to offering an after-school kids programme and a kindergarten. More recently we have begun to provide links to employment, we’ll soon be introducing a microfinance programme to help our tailoring graduates kick-start their own small businesses in the community and our new women's group in Meserani Juu are just about to start up their own microfinance project.

As with all LivLife Centres, our local staff are the driving force behind the success of KCEM. Led by Nai, a female Maasai, our teaching team of Sinjore (Computers), Shadrack (English & French), Francisca (Tailoring), Naomi, Sofia and Fatuma (all kindergarten) are ably supported by Sakaya (Handyman / Receptionist), Nyangusi (Gardener / Guard), Eva & Elizabeth (Cleaners), and Lenga & Loinyakwa (Night Guards). Each one of our members of staff has either been with us since we built the Centre or is a past student.

The Centre is joint funded by LivLife and Working in Tandem, a student volunteer group at Nottingham University, whose students, with the local community, helped build the Centre. Working in Tandem’s continued support over the years has ensured the Centre has been able to keep offering the quality of service it does today.