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Meserani Juu Outreach

The Meserani Juu Outreach Centre was opened in April 2011 and is the first of two Outreach Centres planned to be built between 2011 and 2012. Whereas transport links close to KCEM mean we have a catchment area of a few hundred kilometres this is only possible for the socially mobile. Within that catchment many people live subsistence lifestyles which prevent them from walking the 7 km round trip to the Centre.

Our Outreach Centres are designed as satellites of our larger Centres, reaching these poorer, more remote communities who are time-bound by daily chores and responsibilities. Because many of those effected by such restrictions are women and children, these smaller centres are particularly popular with mother's and their young kids.

Offering a kindergarten, adult literacy and English classes and most recently a popular women's group, Meserani Juu Outreach is built on a patch of land donated by our teacher, Alex Meliyo. Poetically, Alex first came to KCEM when it opened in 2005, initially to learn to read and write so he could help his family in a land dispute. (Take a look at his story on the video page). Having progressed through the courses, Alex became a classroom assistant at KCEM before taking on the role of Outreach Officer. He is ably supported by Beatrice and Nai, two of his students, who teach the children in the kindergarten.

Classes for the women are in the morning and thanks to a solar lighting system the men can come in the evening – the most convenient time for them.