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Work placements

Did you know that at KCEM we both arrange and support our students through work placements? This work-stream is led by Shadrack and enabling students to gain secure employment is one of our key priorities. It's an amazing feeling to follow up with our students and to see and hear the difference having an income and secure employment has brought to their lives.

work placement

"You are building the foundations of the dreams of people" - Alois

Our former student Alois Solo visited KCEM recently to say thank you to all of the staff and the LivLife donors. Alois applied for scholarship at Kilimanjaro Institute of Film. It was an extremely competitive process with only 14 scholarship places available. But he was able to demonstrate his proficiency in English and computing having attended courses at KCEM.
Alois is now a Director of Photography. "Never give up supporting young people who need help and who have a dream" - Alois

Graduation day

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