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About us

The purpose of Livlife is to provide free and relevant education and vocational opportunities to poor communities in Tanzania.

We have seen the aspirations of those living in poverty and understand that a hand-up far outweighs a hand-out.

We believe Education is the key to developing capabilities, building confidence and increasing the chances for individuals and communities to grow themselves out of poverty.

LivLife exists to provide high-quality academic and vocational education, enhanced with access to employment opportunities and business management and leadership training to build the capacities of the communities we work with.

This empowers individuals, families and communities to identify the broadest range of educational, vocational and entrepreneurial pathways out of poverty.

Our Ethos

LivLife believes in the people we work with, we believe they know the best way to change their lives and we know they have a passion to do so. We work closely with our communities and with our students, and then use this 'village knowledge' to design all our activities, making them a relevant and effective tool for poverty reduction.

We believe in the power of positivity! We provide enjoyable, friendly and safe environments for people to come, learn and have fun. This makes our courses very popular and demand is high for more and more Centres.

We believe in being inclusive, we believe everyone has the right to education, from any age and any walk of life, whether a mother with a baby or an elderly gentleman, we accommodate everybody, and we don't charge a penny.