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Free education to change lives

Working with a whole community in Tanzania, providing access to education for children and adults living in poverty. We provide relevant opportunities to help change the course of their lives.


LivLife funds at KCEM Education Centre and Pre-school every year:

- 14 members of staff receiving stable pay
- 45 children with pre-school childcare 6 days a week
- 120 adults supported through French, English, business, computing and tailoring classes
- 8550 meals of porridge provided for the pre-school children!


KCEM has classrooms, a computer room with 20 new computers, a tailoring room, a library and a playground. We also built a medical centre which is run by a local charity and our children get regular health checks. Our courses for adults aim to give them the skills they need to gain employment and build a better quality of life for themselves, and we link in with local businesses to set up work placements.